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Founder Sean Stewart is the most decorated writer in immersive storytelling. He co-created the Alternate Reality Game as the Lead Writer and design partner on the projects that defined the genre. Since then he has won an Emmy for Interactive Television and served as Creative Director / Design Director for cutting edge AR unicorn Magic Leap. He has published twelve novels, including the million-selling Cathy’s Book, widely considered the first transmedia novel.


Along the way Sean has been lucky enough to connect with a murderers row of brilliant game designers, coders, actors, artists, and producers with their own international reputations. This network is the foundation that allows Five Story House to bring extraordinary talent to bear on a wide range of problems, including our favorite: “Nobody’s ever done it before."


The last twenty years has seen a dramatic change in the relationship between audiences and content creators.

We used to think of our stories and games as the center of the entertainment experience, pulling the audience in.  But in today’s landscape, the audience is the center of gravity. They decide what they will consume, when, and how, from a near-infinite range of choices. The challenge is to bring the story to them in ways that delight, engage, and move them.

At Five Story House we leverage decades of interactive experiences to build powerful work that is relentlessly focused on the user experience.

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